V-Twin Values(C)
Saturday, July 31, 2004

PLAY gives your life balance, perspective, and renewal. You diverge
from your pressures and see things differently with humor.
Play helps you maintain your health and well-being, allows you to
laugh, and offers private time and self-reflection so that you are continually
Question: By nature of riding a motorcycle you implement the "play" aspect of V-Twin Values. Even so, tell a story about how you find balance, perspective, and renewal through your motorcycle experiences. If you do a lot of self-reflection, share something that you've reflected on while riding that has helped you in your life beyond motorcycling.

PERSISTENCE is about deciding to take action and then taking
action. If the results are not as you expected or wanted, then keep
trying until you achieve your “successes.”
Question: Tell a story about how you have been persistent in order to accomplish what you set out to accomplish with your motorcycle experience. What does "success" mean to you?

PEOPLE implies that no person stands alone. You influence and
are influenced by others. You need and are needed by others. Draw
from and give of yourself to others to find not only success—however
you define it—but fulfillment as well.
Question: Tell a story about how others influence you today as a motorcycle rider, or how your riding has influenced or helped others. Where do you find fulfillment in other people? (Keep it clean!)
The PAST is the sum of your past experiences. They shape you
and influence your being who you are and how you think and feel.
The past is not to be ignored. In fact, you must use and learn from
your past in order to create your present and future successes.
Question: Tell us a story about how your motorcycle experiences draw from your past to make a significant impact on you presently, or how you have used your past experiences to influence your motorcycle riding today.
V-Twin Values(C) are thoughts, ideas, principles, and personal truths discovered while riding, because of riding, or metaphors for riding a motorcycle.

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